Dem Senator Invites Wolf Blitzer To Moderate His Next Debate

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson invited CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to moderate his next debate after the anchor gifted him with a nice softball interview Monday.


The Media Research Center’s NewsBusters first pointed out the cozy segment between Nelson and Blitzer.

Blitzer noted that Florida governor Rick Scott is challenging Nelson for his Senate seat, and asked if Nelson would like to explain the differences between himself and Scott.

Nelson predictably accused Scott of “say[ing] and do[ing] anything to try to get elected” and “refusing to expand Medicaid with the money sitting there on the shelf.”

Blitzer did Nelson a favor and asked him to elaborate on his claims that Scott will “do anything” to get elected, and Nelson added, “So, just until recently, he gets Secretary Zinke of the Interior Department to come down and say, at Governor Scott’s request, that we’re not going to drill off of the coast of Florida, when, in fact, that’s still in their rule.”

Apparently thrilled at the opportunity to trash his opponent without any pushback, Nelson went on to invite Blitzer to moderate the next debate in the Senate race.

“Hey, Wolf, I hope you will moderate one of those debates,” Nelson said.

Blitzer affectionately responded, “I’d love to moderate one of those debates. I’m looking forward to it.”

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