Angry Reader Tries To Lecture Mike Rowe — His Response Is Something That Every American Needs To Read

(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Justin Caruso Contributor

Mike Rowe received a message from an angry mom on his Facebook page Monday.

His response, emphasizing the importance of hard work, is something every American should read.

“Mr. Rowe – I heard about your ‘work ethic scholarship program,’ and suggested my son apply,” a reader wrote.

“He wants to be a welder! I was appalled though, when he showed me your ‘sweat pledge,’ and told me that signing it was required of all applicants!! Where did you come up with this nonsense? There are so many things wrong with this document I don’t even know where to begin!! Suffice it to say, we will not be applying!!!”

Rowe responded by saying that without knowing the importance of hard work, he wouldn’t want her son on his training anyway.

“To be clear, I wish your son every success – sincerely” Rowe responded. “Opportunities in welding have never been better, and people are hiring certified welders all over the country. But to be clear, I have absolutely no interest in paying for his training if doesn’t share my opinions on the importance of hard work, a positive attitude, delayed gratification, and personal responsibility.”

“Sorry – I made a promise to the people who contribute to this fund, and I can’t bend the rules. Fortunately, lots of scholarship funds will hand out money with no strings attached, and if you poke around, I’m sure you’ll find one that’s more in line with your worldview.”

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