Former Obama Spokesman On Syrian Chemical Attack: We Handed Trump ‘A Mess’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Former Obama-era NSC spokesman Tommy Vietor admitted Monday that the administration handed President Trump “a mess” in Syria.

“Obviously they didn’t get it all,” Veitor said, in reference to the chemical weapons used on innocent civilians by the Assad administration this weekend, “Chlorine wasn’t covered.”

“Trump was handed a mess but also hasn’t deterred Assad.”

Dozens of Syrians died in an chemical attack near Damascus Saturday. The victims were choking and foaming at the mouth and evidence of chlorine gas has been found at the scene. Hundreds more are being treated with symptoms of a chemical gas agent.

The attack is another devastating blow to Obama-era policies in the region. 

President Obama famously promised a “red line” with Assad, but there was no major retaliation after chemical weapons were used multiple times. 

After negotiations with the regime, congressional Democrats and members of the Obama administration declared that Obama policies removed 100 percent of the chemical weapons in Syria in the final years of his administration.