Sarah Palin Is Back — And She’s Slamming Democrats For Wanting Open Borders

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Sarah Palin is back in the public eye, and she’s taking no prisoners on immigration.

Palin appeared on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty, and Levin” with Mark Levin Sunday.


“This is a sovereign nation,” Levin said. “Why do you think, it’s not just Democrats, but so many Republicans don’t believe in securing our border?”

“Right, and it’s obvious why the Democrats don’t believe in securing the border,” Palin responded. “You know, I just think that they just fear that Americans aren’t going to vote Democrat so by golly they’ll import people will,”

“So, those who are part of that uniparty, the globalization of America agenda, they want cheap labor,” she continued. “It comes back to either supporting the rule of law, our legal immigration system, or supporting and incentivizing illegal immigration with no expectation of assimilation of the people into our culture or anything else. It’s really whack.”

“People are really sick of it, it’s another reason that we saw a change in party power in the last election cycle, and yet the voice of the people, it’s being ignored. Those who want, those were looking out for the big corporations, who are pro-open borders because they do want that cheap, unskilled really, labor competing for our jobs, those who are supporting that, I think they’re going to fill feel it come their reelection time.”

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