Hungary’s Majority Party Pushes ‘Stop Soros’ Law

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Hungary’s nationalist party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban is considering a “Stop Soros” law.

According to Reuters, the re-elected Fidesz government announced Monday that Orban is poised to leverage his recent massive electoral victory to restrict the political influence of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — many reportedly financed by international progressive moneyman George Soros — from promoting what the government sees as illegal immigration and open border policies.

Orban’s populism appealed to nationalist voters who are concerned over the growing number of Muslim refugees and immigrants who have entered Hungary in recent years. Because he achieved a two-thirds majority in the country’s parliament, Orban can deliver on his promise to deliver constitutional change.

As the Independent notes, Orban could also build a Central European alliance to counter the European Union’s liberal immigration policies.

While open border advocates are decrying the potential legislation, Orban carefully detailed the policy during the election campaign, demanding that NGOs that “support illegal immigration” be registered while donations to these groups be taxed at 25 percent.

“We know by name who they are and how they work to transform Hungary into an immigrant country. That’s why we drafted and submitted the Stop Soros bill which qualifies immigration as an issue of national security,” Orban told voters during the election campaign.

Soros dismisses the government’s attacks on his political activities, calling them “distortions and lies.”

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