Here Are The Betting Odds For Johnny Manziel’s NFL Comeback

(Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Odds are out for bettors looking to wager on whether or not Johnny Manziel will make it back to the NFL.

Bovada currently has the odds set at -400 for not making it back in 2018 and +250 for getting signed. That means a person would need to bet $400 on him not coming back in order to win $100.

I’m very surprised with these odds, and it makes me wonder if the oddsmakers know something that the general public doesn’t. Manziel is generating an unreal amount of hype right now.

Here’s the reality of the situation. There quarterback market in the NFL is a joke. Anybody who can throw it 15 yards and has a pulse has a legit shot at getting a call. There were guys on rosters last year that I had never even heard of.

Do we all remember Nate Peterman from the Buffalo Bills? He threw 14 passes in a game last season, and managed to get five of them intercepted. I don’t think I could manage to be that bad in 14 NFL passes. It’s truly impressive.

If Nate Peterman can get paid to throw passes in the NFL, I find it hard to see a situation where a clean and sober Johnny Manziel doesn’t. Maybe he doesn’t get signed week one, but players will eventually go down. That’s when a call could come. I’m hammering the +250.

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