Rand Paul Roasts Bob Mueller For Abusing His Authority, Calls Cohen Raid A ‘Great Overstep’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said the FBI crossed the line with its raid of President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, calling it a “great overstep” Tuesday on “America’s Newsroom.”

“The first question we ought to ask is what does this have to do with Russia,” Paul said. “I thought the special prosecutor was investigating Russian collusion. Going after someone’s personal attorney is a great overstep I think, in the authority of the prosecutor.”

“This is why I have opposed really having special prosecutors for almost anything,” Paul continued. “I think they abuse their authority. I think Mueller has abused his authority. They say. well he asked somebody else, another U.S. Attorney to do it. Yes but this is coming at the behest of Mueller.”


Paul said the investigation has spun out of control and warned Americans that this abuse of power may last well after Trump leaves the White House.

“I think this investigation no longer has much to do with Russia. I would warn people around America who say oh, that don’t like the president, oh, this is just fine because it’s against President Trump. This is an enormous power used against anybody,” Paul said.

“You remember what Chuck Schumer said a couple months ago? He said if you cross the intelligence agencies, they can screw you six ways to Sunday,” Paul concluded. “This is about enormous power, prosecutorial power but also power in the intelligence communities. We have to rein this in or every American citizen is exposed to this kind of abuse of power.”

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