The New 76ers Playoff Logo Is Pure America – And Sure To Offend Many

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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For the first time in over five years, the Philadelphia 76ers are in a hot pursuit for a championship. Like the Eagles, many people doubted them, many counted them out, and many waited patiently for the wheels to fall off. But they haven’t yet.

But like the brave patriots who fought for our independence from the Brits, the 76ers have persisted. Against all the odds, they’ve represented the fine people of Philadelphia with pride and have become the embodiment of the indomitable American spirit.

And on Wednesday morning, the 76ers made it official. They unveiled their new playoff logo in a hype video that’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

“Ben Franklin used the snake to represent the colonies uniting for freedom,” the video says. “That spirit is woven into the fabric of Philadelphia and the 76ers. We the people, who’ve been through thick and thin, we the people, who started a revolution, we the people who are real people, people say we’re too hungry, too committed, too passionate. But they don’t know dedication.”

This logo is truly a work of art. I don’t care if you’re a die-hard 76ers fan or if you’ve never seen an NBA game in your life. If you’re a red-blooded American, this has to get you hyped. Ben Franklin’s “Join Or Die” cartoon is one of the images that sews this country together. It’s an age old mindset that America is stronger as a union and as lethal as a snake. You can’t hate the 76ers for reviving a little old-fashioned patriotism right now. It’s what we need.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are some self-loathing American apologists out there who will probably melt as soon as they see this national symbol of strength. But I say let them. Let them whine. Those people clearly hate the two things that make this country so great: patriotism and winning. I just feel sorry for those losers.

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