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Mom Of Injured Parkland Survivor Says School Ignored Injured Son But Trump Reached Out

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Lisa Olsen, mother of  Stoneman Douglas survivor William, slammed the Broward County School Board Tuesday night for not reaching out to students who bore injuries as a result of February’s deadly mass shooting.

“Even the president of the United States, the first lady, the governor, the attorney general, the chief of staff, and the senator had time to hug my son, but not my school district and not my son’s principal,” Olsen scolded the school board.

Olsen continued, “We can all agree that district communication with the victims’ families said MSD was a complete management breakdown, but I didn’t come here with only complaints. I have a suggestion for a critical incident referred to a communication matrix sometimes called a phone tree.”

According to Olsen, her son William was shot in both of his arms by Nikolas Cruz and witnessed three of his classmates get murdered in front of him, but Broward County School district officials, Olsen said, appeared to avoid contact with her and other parents of injured students.

“He is one of the true survivors. It wasn’t until the soft opening on that Sunday afternoon at MSD that anyone even was aware that William had these bullet injuries. I actually had to show a district staff member Williams x rays to verify them. How could the district fail to contact each of the students in the classrooms were murders and injuries occurred. This borders on negligence,” she said.

She continued, “The silence coming from the Broward School District speaks volumes. It seems to me and to my son that high-speed media events and politics have gotten in the way of helping those who have been hurt. The district’s first concern should be MSD’s students and families that have been most affected and injured. Photo ops and press conferences seem to be the districts focus rather than focusing on those who are suffering and trying to come to terms with what had happened.”

Olsen later said,” If anyone had the wherewithal to give the most affected some guidance or some reassurance on navigating that transition back to school I would be here supporting you and not criticizing the school board in the district focused on actually governing rather than politicking after this tragedy.”

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