Kaepernick Bungles Potential NFL Contract Over Refusal To Stop Kneeling

David Hookstead | Reporter

The Seattle Seahawks have reportedly postponed a meeting with Colin Kaepernick after the quarterback refused to stop kneeling during the anthem.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted Thursday, “After arranging for Colin Kaepernick to work out for the Seahawks this week, Seattle postponed the trip when the quarterback declined to stop kneeling during the national anthem next season, league sources tell ESPN.”

The Seahawks having some level of interest in the former 49ers quarterback shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. They showed some interest in him last season, but the deal never came through.

The fact he reportedly is losing potential contracts over his kneeling stance should tell people all they need to know. The fact the Seahawks were willing to bring him in means that they’re interested. NFL teams aren’t going to waste time working out a player for no reason, especially one with the baggage he comes with.

According to Schefter, all he had to do was not kneel for the anthem, and he couldn’t even commit to doing that. It looks like Kaepernick cares a lot more about being a social justice warrior than he does being a quarterback. At this time there hasn’t been much buzz of him coming back, and the one team showing interest sounds like they’re out. Not a great outlook for his future in the NFL.

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