Gal Gadot Posts Meaningful Holocaust Remembrance Tribute [VIDEO]

Jena Greene | Reporter

Today is Israel’s National Holocaust Remembrance Day, and as some publications are worrying whether the horrific genocide is fading from memory, one superstar commemorated the day with a touching personal post. (RELATED: PEOPLE ARE ANGRY AT GAL GADOT FOR HER TRIBUTE TO STEPHEN HAWKING)

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Gal Gadot may be one of the most famous actresses in America but she also has close ties to Israel. She was born there, competed for and won Miss Israel in 2004, and served in the Israeli Defense Force for two years. And today on Instagram, Gadot issued a tribute to all those affected by the Holocaust, including her late grandfather Abraham Weiss.

Weiss died two years ago at age 85 but “lost his ENTIRE family in Auschwitz,” according to Gadot.

“Even though he went thru hell,” Gadot wrote on Instagram, “Lost his ENTIRE family in Auschwitz.. He chose to believe in good.”

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This isn’t the first time Gadot has honored her grandfather, who was born in modern day Ukraine in 1928. In a post from last year, Gadot explained that Weiss’ “ENTIRE family was brutally vanished in WW2.”

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Other high profile Jewish women have posted to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day today, including Ivanka Trump and Bar Refaeli.

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