GOP Launches ‘LyinComey.Com’ Ahead Of Book Tour


Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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The Republican National Committee has launched a website aimed directly at former FBI director James Comey ahead of a book tour expected to be critical of President Donald Trump.

The website, lyincomey.com, targets Comey’s credibility and includes quotes from senior Democratic party leaders maligning his character during the 2016 presidential election. The opposition research website targets Comey directly with charges like accusations that the former FBI director is portraying “himself as an innocent victim fired by President Trump” and that “James Comey wants to portray himself as a non-partisan, by-the-book Boy Scout rather than a politically motivated Washington insider.”

“No matter what his grandstanding book says, Comey has already confirmed multiple times under oath that neither President Trump nor his staff asked him to stop the Russia investigation,” the site triumphantly declares at the end. The website’s launch comes days before Comey is set to create a media sensation with a series of on-camera interviews across networks.

“James Comey’s publicity tour is a self-serving attempt to make money and rehabilitate his own image. Comey is a liar and a leaker, and his misconduct led both Republicans and Democrats to call for his firing. If Comey wants the spotlight back on him, we’ll make sure the American people understand why he has no one but himself to blame for his complete lack of credibility,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement.

A preview of Comey’s first of a series of interviews with ABCNews foreshadowed his characterization of Trump as a “mob boss.” ABCNews sources in the room with Comey at the time of the taping told Axios the interview would “shock the president and his team” and that it would “certainly add more meat to the charges swirling around Trump.”