I Finally Found The Concealed Carry Holster For Me

Karen Woods | Contributor

I’ve been looking for some time for a concealed carry holster I would be comfortable wearing on a daily basis, and God bless America, this may be the one! Men and women alike are giving 5-star reviews for the AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster. This is one of the most versatile holsters out there, allowing you to carry right- or left-handed or cross draw accommodates almost any pistol brand and model.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

AlphaHolster Belly Band Hand Gun Holster from $13.95 to $15.95

The AlphaHolster is made of a breathable spandex/nylon/polyester blend fabric that fits securely around your waist fastening with a Velcro closure and can be worn discreetly with pretty much any shirt style without the worry of printing. Each side pocket has a thumb break and there are two loops in front for keeping extra magazines. Available in sizes small-XXXL (see size chart for accurate ordering) and in three colors: beige, black, and white. The AlphaHolster Belly Band Holster is made is the USA and is yours for the everyday low price of $13.95 for black and $15.95 for beige and white, so order them in every color, for yourself and as gifts!

AlphaHolster has a variety of other holsters so you can carry concealed in other ways such as on your thigh or ankle. For any ladies who aren’t doing so already, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to defend yourself, you need to have your weapon on your person, not in your purse. Purses are for lipstick! Everyone can exercise their basic human right to self-defense and getting one of these will make it even easier.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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