Joel Embiid Channels Bane With Awesome Face Mask

David Hookstead | Reporter

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid was rocking a face mask for the ages while going through warmups Wednesday night.

I don’t know how anybody could look at Embiid’s black face gear, which for a broken orbital bone, and not instantly think of Bane. The former Kansas star noticed the resemblance himself.

That’s such a great quote from “The Dark Knight.” Without question one of the best lines in the movie.

Of course, Twitter had to have fun with the whole situation too.

This is one of those moments when Twitter and the internet is at its best. There’s no arguing, no bickering or any of that garbage.

It’s just people coming together to have a great few laughs along the way. Embiid also continued to prove that he has one of the chillest Twitters in the game. He knew people would be commentating on the mask, so he weighed in with the best take. That’s a guy with a lot of situational awareness.

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