EXCLUSIVE: Rep. McHenry Says McCarthy Is Our Next Speaker

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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House Deputy Whip Patrick McHenry said on Thursday that he believes House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will become the next speaker of the house.

McHenry joined Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy on his podcast “Plaidcast” on Thursday and the pair discussed Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement and the Republican plan to keep their House majority.

McHenry praised Ryan’s leadership, particularly on helping Republicans pass tax reform, and made some predictions for future House leadership.


Kevin McCarthy’s the majority leader, and Kevin’s done an excellent job as a majority leader,” McHenry said. “I think he’s our next speaker, and I think Steve Scalise is our next majority leader.” 

While discussing how the GOP will retain the majority, Duffy asked what happens when the Republican Party fights among its most conservative and more moderate members and can’t agree on legislation.

“They win,” McHenry asserted. “The opposition wins.”

“Nancy Pelosi wins?” Duffy asked.

Yeah, for sure, Nancy Pelosi wins, and leftward tilts of policy,” McHenry confirmed, noting that the GOP needs to focus on a policy agenda that will help the American people, preferably one that tackles the skyrocketing deficit. 

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