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Whether you rent an apartment or own a home, it’s a smart idea to invest in a gadget that gives you more control over how you light your space. With an Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit, brighten up your space with an easy-to-use indoor and outdoor addressable smart LED strip — all for less than $70.

Normally $90, this LED light strip is 22 percent off

Normally $90, this LED light strip is 22 percent off

Ilumi LED Smartstrip Starter Kit on sale for $69.99

The Ilumi Smartstrip is the world’s first outdoor rated, individually addressable smart LED strip. Meaning, this durable light strip is IP65 waterproof and stands up to the elements while letting you control individual lights independent of one another. So, you can use it inside or outside with peace of mind and brighten up your space exactly the way you want.

Even better, enhancing the lighting of your apartment or home is a breeze. Use the free Ilumi app on your smartphone to control the strip with white light or choose from 16 million different colored lights for some real fun. So, you’re covered if you want to create some incredible visuals for your next party or need to set the mood for a nice dinner with your wife. Plus, you’ll gain added vacation security with a mode that turns lights on when motion is detected, which will scare off burglars or animals in your absence.

Get the smart strip that has been featured on Fox News, Entrepreneur, and more for $69.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 22% off the original price of $89.99.

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