‘It’s Ominous’ — Tucker Calls Out Corporate America For Political Activism

Justin Caruso Contributor

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went after corporate America for its political activism Thursday.

Tucker pointed out how the use of corporate power to influence politics can have disastrous personal consequences.


“They lobby big companies and the lobbying is done in secret,” The Daily Caller co-founder said about political activists. “There’s no transparency at all. You might not even know it’s happening. And yet it can affect your life immensely, as much as any federal law.” (RELATED: ‘Why Don’t We Get Real?’: Tucker Takes On Illegal Immigrant Lawyer [VIDEO])

“Today it’s gun makers, you might celebrating that. But what if tomorrow, it’s someone you agree with or anyone who holds ideas that our leaders find threatening? Pro-life are you? Opposed to immigration? Suspicious of Wall Street? Corporate America isn’t comfortable with those views, so suddenly, I don’t know, you can’t get a car loan, or a mortgage, or fill in the blank.” (RELATEDTucker Warns Against Intervention In Syria)

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