Here’s How This Eagles WR Can Make Over Half A Million Dollars By Monday

Jena Greene | Reporter

As many of us already know, it’s officially in the best time of the year to be an American. The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the drinks are getting stronger. And although it’s not football season, preseason rumblings are getting louder and preparation for the 2018 season is in full swing.

So today, when ESPN’s NFL insider Field Yates tweeted some insider information on the Eagles’ upcoming offseason program, I couldn’t help but get a little hyped.

“Source: Eagles WR Mike Wallace, who is listed on the roster at 200 pounds, will earn a massive $585,000 incentive if he weighs less than 250 pounds on Monday when the offseason program begins,” Yates tweeted. “Easy money.”

Pretty incredible. It seems like Mike Wallace must have a weight clause incentive in his contract and – as long as he doesn’t gain 50 pounds in the next 48 hours, he’ll probably be half a million dollars richer by the time Monday rolls around.

And while everyone’s laughing about how this is easy money and how Wallace is going to be laughing himself to the bank in a few days, I’m not as convinced. Sure, gaining 50 pounds in 3 days seems pretty tough.

But oh how quickly we forget. Just last month, it was reported that LeBron James allegedly gained seven pounds over the course of one playoff game. That means he gained seven pounds in just over two hours. Now, I realize LeBron is a freak athlete and this probably doesn’t happen to every professional athlete. But, let’s not count out the possibility that this could happen elsewhere. Mike Wallace might have the same condition, and in that case, he’s taking a gamble. If he gained seven pounds every two hours, the Eagles may just keep that $585,000 come Monday. I’m not saying it’s likely. I’m just asking the questions nobody else is smart enough to ask.

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