Check Out This New Navy SEAL Boat Called The ‘Batmobile’

Jena Greene | Reporter

The US Navy Seals just rolled out an unrecognizable new boat to help them out in future conflicts. Photos of the watercraft are scant for obvious reasons but the current images available to the public are pretty unbelievable.

This thing doesn’t look like it belongs anywhere near the water.

It’s pretty easy to understand why this thing is nicknamed the Batmobile. Not only does it look completely savage, it’s also supposed to be virtually indestructible and stealthy.

Its real name is the M80 Stiletto, created by defense and maritime company Knight & Carver. It will be able to hold a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) inside its hull, alongside up to 12 Navy SEALs.

And its bizarre appearance has a purpose. The bulky looking hull is actually supposed to “lift” the boat out of the water to reduce noise, drag, wake and hydraulic impact, Fox News reports.

It’s also pretty efficient. On just one tank of fuel, the Stiletto can travel up to 500 miles and can get up to speeds exceeding 70 mph. And at 90 feet in length, this thing is supposed to be able to take massive surf as well as shallow water since it only draws about 2 feet.

The Stiletto comes in at an estimated $10 million per craft so it’ll likely be reserved to very specialized operations. But one thing’s for sure.

The Batmobile is just another example that our military is the most elite, the most prepared and the most impressive force in the world.

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