Read More Books With 60 Days Of Free Listening On Audible

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So you’ve finally been asked to join that uber-exclusive book club that all your friends are in. Now you too can sip tea while discussing how the mud on the protagonist’s boots is a metaphor for a life of immorality. You’ve finally peaked in life, that is until you realize that you have exactly zero seconds in your day to actually read a book. Luckily, for the next 60 days, Audible has you covered. Audible is the number one audiobook service in the world, and for a limited time, you can snag a 60-day membership + 2 eBooks for free! 

Normally $30, this 60-day membership is free at The Daily Caller Shop

Normally $30, this 60-day membership is free at The Daily Caller Shop

Free: Audible 60-Day Membership + 2 eBooks

Now you can listen to your books while sitting in traffic, running errands or even exercising. Switch between your phone and tablet with ease, as Audible always picks up exactly where you left off. You’ll also enjoy discounts on unlimited audiobooks and can choose from a collection of over 180,000 books. To sweeten the deal you’ll receive credit for any two audiobooks, which you can keep for life.

If you’re hooked after 60 days of free listening, Audible will only cost you $14.95/month moving forward and it’s easy to cancel anytime!

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