Hillary’s Former Campaign Manager Tries To Lecture Trump — Trips On The Truth Hard

Justin Caruso Contributor

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager Robby Mook tried to lecture President Trump on CNN Friday — it didn’t go so well.


“Robby, I know you’re not a fan of President Trump, but what would your advice be to him?” host Jake Tapper asked.

“This book hasn’t even dropped yet and he’s already tweeting about it, the RNC is all over it, the White House is talking about it from the podium. Is that the right strategy, just destroy Comey’s credibility as much as possible?”

“So last time I checked,” Mook said, “We’re potentially going into a trade war, potentially a hot war situation in the Middle East, the nuclear crisis in the Pacific — maybe focus on those things, and being a president and doing things that he’s paid to do as president, rather than focusing on the book.”

However, President Trump is not accepting the presidential salary, reportedly only apparently accepting $1.00 as compensation.

In 2017, Trump’s first quarter salary went to that National Park Service. His second quarter pay went to the Department of Education. His third quarter salary went to the fighting the opioid epidemic and his fourth to infrastructure.

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