This Is A Fidget Spinner On Steroids!

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Fidget spinners were immensely popular for a period of time, but they received much more attention than they deserved. The ultimate fidget toy to help boost your concentration is the Fiddle Stick. Imagine a fidget spinner on steroids and you’ll end up with the Fiddle Stick!

Inventor of the viral sensation Pyro Mini, Adam Wilber has put his genius into creating the Fiddle Stick. Unlike the fidget spinner, which can only spin, the Fiddle Stick can click, roll, glide, and slide. It’s everything that the compulsive fiddler could ever dream of wanting. Even for the occasional fidgeters, the Fiddle Stick is perfect. In fact, fidgeting has been proven to increase concentration, alertness during activities, and cognitive abilities.

Normally $20, this Fiddle Stick is 25 percent off

Normally $20, this Fiddle Stick is 25 percent off

Fiddle Stick on sale for $14.99

The Fiddle Stick comes with 9 amazing fidget features such as dot matrix, worry stone, rollerball, soft swivel joystick, and much much more. Plus, there’s even a LED fidget spinner attached to double the fun. This small bundle of joy is ergonomic and easy to carry wherever you go.

Enjoy fidgeting like never before with the Fiddle Stick. This device blows any fidget spinner out of the water. Best of all, the Fiddle Stick is currently 25% off. You can get your very own Fiddle Stick for just $14.99 while supplies last.

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