Celebrate Thomas Jefferson Day With His Most Famous Quotes

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Morgan Caplan Contributor
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Thomas Jefferson National Day is April 13, which makes this a great time to look back at all he has done for the United States.

Author of the Declaration of Independence and the third president of the U.S., Jefferson had a crucial role in laying the foundation of our country.

Amazingly, he wrote the first draft of the Declaration of Independence in just 17 days.

On his way to becoming president, Jefferson made a name for himself in politics by serving as governor of the commonwealth of Virginia, delegate in the Continental Congress, and the first U.S. secretary of state.

After becoming president, Jefferson made power moves for the newly established country, by gaining the Louisiana Territory from France and running for a second term.

For his contributions to the nation, he was honored with a place on Mount Rushmore. A slave-owner, he also crafted the powerful words that were later used by activists to push for civil rights for African-Americans: “all men are created equal.”

Along the way, he has passed on his wisdom to politicians and his constituents. Let’s look back on Jefferson’s famous quotes that created the legend we know today.