Lacrosse Player Who Lost Her Leg Scores Goal In First Game Back

Katie Jerkovich | Entertainment Reporter

A college female lacrosse player who lost her leg two years ago in a moped accident scored an amazing goal in her first game back, Inside Edition reports.

University of Massachusetts-Lowell student Noelle Lambert took the field with a prosthetic leg against the University of Hartford Saturday.

It’s hard to tell who was more excited about the goal, Lambert or her teammates. Her team ended up winning the game 16-1 over Hartford.


Lambert was 19 when her moped collided with a dump truck, she told Teen Vogue.

“I remember hitting it, and then being on the ground. I looked down at my leg, and it was gone. Obviously, lacrosse was one of the first things I thought of, that I was never going to be able to play again,” Lambert shared.

She said her comeback was grueling.

“I could walk maybe a quarter mile and I’d be out of breath and dying,” the player shared. But with the encouragement of her coaches and trainers she just kept pushing.

“Truly unforgettable moment and I can’t thank my teammates, coaches, family, and friends enough for helping me get to this point #forevergrateful,” Lambert captioned her a post on Instagram earlier this week.

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