Joe Wilson Drops The F-Bomb On MSNBC, It Gets Awkward

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Former U.S. ambassador to Iraq Joe Wilson let the f-word slip on “MSNBC Live With Katy Tur” Friday.


“[Trump] campaigned on Iraq being a bad idea,” Tur said. “He campaigned and said he was never for the invasion of Iraq, even though he never was not for it. Even though he said he was for it before 2003. But he used that to his advantage when he was running and he used it to his advantage even in deep red military states, places like South Carolina, talking to veterans, saying the Iraq War was a terrible idea, we should have never gotten into it.”

“Do you think that the advisors he has in place right now are going to change his mind on that sort of thing or he’s going to change their mind on that sort of thing?”

“I don’t think he actually has a mind,” Wilson said, laughing. “I think he basically is very venal, He’s looking to get himself through the next day and get as many fuckin’ dollars –uh, as many dollars into his bank account as he possibly can. I think this man is a danger to the United States of America.”

“Ambassador Joe Wilson, thank you very much. We appreciate your time. I’m sorry for um–the vulgarity,” Tur said.

“I apologize for the profanity,” he said, adding, “but these are serious times.”

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