Jesse Watters Calls Comey A ‘Sensitive Little Child’

Fox News host Jesse Watters compared former FBI Director James Comey to a “sensitive little child” on “The Five” Friday.

In contrast to the “lawman” Comey was supposed to be as director of the FBI, Watters said his behavior has been more like that of a “schoolgirl.”

“Not to diminish schoolgirls.”

“He reminds me of the kid that like didn’t really have the stomach to confront someone face to face and then later ran back and scribbled it down in his little diary and wrote it in his little notepad and now he’s trying to profiteer off of it,” Watters said of Comey’s interactions with President Trump.

“He testified under oath that he never leaks, yet he leaked this memo to his buddy, and then it hit the press, so he is a liar and a leaker,” said Watters. “That’s the truth.”

“He’s supposed to be a lawman, and you know he sounds like a schoolgirl, that’s the bottom line. He’s emotional, he’s socially awkward, he can’t even be alone with the president of the United States. How weird is that – not to diminish schoolgirls – he sounds like a sensitive little child.”

The panel was discussing passages that have leaked from “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey’s soon-to-be released book.


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