Franklin Graham Responds To President Trump’s Call For Prayer Amid Syria Strikes

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Reverend Franklin Graham joined “Fox & Friends” on Sunday morning to discuss the fact that, even as American missiles were being fired on Syrian targets, President Donald Trump was calling for prayer.

Like his father, the late Reverend Billy Graham, he has a long history of praying with and for political leaders. Graham said that he appreciated the fact that the president called for prayer, saying that we should all be praying for the president because the Bible calls us to pray for those in leadership positions.

“Not because those that are in authority are perfect, they’re not,” he said. “They’re imperfect, and that’s why God wants us to pray — to pray for the president, all those that are in leadership, and the president in turn asked us to pray for our soldiers, and those that were leading this charge, and for the Syrian people. And I just appreciate that we have a man in office that understands the power of prayer and the need for prayer.”

“Fox & Friends” host Pete Hegseth remarked that he had been struck by a change in the president’s tone at the end of the speech. “You have prayed with presidents, your father has prayed with presidents, but I was struck when I watched the president give that speech. He didn’t just mention prayer, he didn’t just say ‘God bless America,’ it’s almost like he led the nation in prayer for 30 seconds at the end.”

Graham agreed, noting that President Trump “has not been ashamed of the name of Jesus Christ.”