Trump Suggests He Is Making The Phrase ‘Mission Accomplished’ Great Again

Ryan Pickrell | China/Asia Pacific Reporter

President Donald Trump responded Sunday to critics opposed to his use of the phrase “mission accomplished” after the strikes on Syria’s chemical weapons infrastructure, arguing that “it should be brought back” and “used often.”

A coalition of American, British, and French naval and air assets destroyed three important targets associated with the Syrian regime’s chemical warfare operations Saturday in an early morning strike. In the aftermath, the president tweeted “Mission Accomplished.”

These words haunted former President George W. Bush, even though he never actually made the infamous statement. Standing on the deck of the Nimitz class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, he proudly announced “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” as a banner that read “Mission Accomplished” hung in the background.

American troops are still fighting to stabilize Iraq.

Trump, however, believes that while the phrase was tainted by this particular moment in America’s modern military history, it should be rebranded and tied to truly successful operations.

The strike on Syria does not represent a change in U.S. policy in Syria, senior administration officials revealed Saturday. The stated purpose of America’s military presence in Syria remains the defeat of the Islamic State.

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