Democrat Operative Leading Teacher Protests In Arizona


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A man with experience as a Democrat operative, campaign manager and far-left sympathizer is organizing and leading teacher protests in Arizona.

Noah Karvelis is a teacher and spokesman of Arizona Educators United, the group organizing Arizona’s Red for Ed campaign to fight for larger teacher salaries. Karvelis’s group is planning a teacher walk-out but has not set a date.

Karvelis is leading a “bipartisan” movement, according to the Democrat Governors Association (DGA). The DGA does not mention Karvelis’s partisan history, however.

Karvelis earned $3,000 in 2017, serving as Democrat Kathy Hoffman’s campaign manager, according to records The Free Beacon reviewed. Hoffman is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Arizona.

Hoffman and Karvelis met through the group Run for Something, which Hillary Clinton’s former-2016 campaign e-mail director Amanda Litman co-founded. Litman’s group is dedicated to providing down-ballot progressives with resources to push their message.

Karvelis also has ties to Sen. Bernie Sanders, who ran against Clinton in the 2016 Democrat primaries for President of the U.S. Karvelis worked as an organizer for Knock Every Door, an activist group Sanders campaign veterans founded in 2017.

Karvelis partisan streak has been displayed in other ways as well. In December 2017, Karvelis referred to retired linguistics professor Noam Chomsky as one of his “heroes.”

Chomsky decided Sanders would make the best president of those who ran in 2016; but Chomsky thought socialist Sanders was too soft on socialism, identifying him as “basically a New Dealer in the current American political system.” Although often cited for his work in linguistics, Chomsky has also been criticized for being inconsistent and using others’ work without credit.

Karvelis has his own connections to socialism, writing an op-ed for openly socialist online platform ZCommunications. Karvelis’s article advocates for public schooling over private or charter schools that “all too frequently … function as privatized businesses removed from community control and instead placed in the hands of CEOs and businessmen and women with profits in mind and an opportunity to reproduce passive consumers.”

“Education is and has been a system that was crippled and dictated by capitalist society,” Karvelis added. “We must recognize that as fact.”

In a Truth-Out op-ed, Karvelis refers to the election of President Donald Trump as “devastating” and to Trump’s campaign as “a billionaire running exclusively on the fear, anger and darkest realities of American culture.” Out of Trump’s election came the Resistance movement spreading slowly throughout American society for decades, Karvelis noted.

Karvelis tracks the Resistance movement back through figures such as Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and convicted terrorist Leonard Peltier, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison for killing two FBI agents. Karvelis refers to these and others as “radical defenders of freedom” who did “prolific work.”

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