Get A Visibly Brighter Smile In As Little As 30 Minutes A Day

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If you’ve thought about whitening your teeth but don’t want to throw away hundreds of dollars on expensive procedures to make it happen, then it’s smart to invest in a cost-effective alternative. Get a better-looking smile in as little as 30 minutes a day with a Whitening Pro System — all for less than $25.

Normally $100, this teeth whitening system is 75 percent off

Normally $100, this teeth whitening system is 75 percent off

Whitening Pro System on sale for $24.99

Unlike the high costs of teeth-whitening procedures and the pain of visiting a dentist’s office, this kit makes it easy and convenient to whiten your teeth on your time. Use the included whitening gel every day for as little as 30 minutes to start seeing results. Meaning, it’s simple to incorporate into your daily schedule, whether that’s using it while you watch TV or read a book before falling asleep. Plus, you’ll get fast results with the included cold blue LED light, accelerating your way to a dazzling smile in no time.

Even better, you’ll get a personalized experience with this kit that makes the whitening process more enjoyable and effective. The kit comes with thermoforming trays, which mold to your teeth after a quick dip in some warm water. So, you’ll get a custom fit that matches your exact liking, making every day use comfortable and efficient. Besides, your mouth feels great with every use, because you’ll protect and soothe your teeth — as well as gums — with a remineralizing gel.

Get a confident, visibly whiter smile for $24.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 75% off the original price of $100.

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