LeBron James Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Barbershop Show Concept

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Remember a couple of weeks back, when LeBron James picked a fight with Nick Saban over what he claims was a stolen concept for a TV show?

Well it turns out that same exact concept has landed LeBron himself in some hot water, because James is reportedly being sued by a media and entertainment company for stealing their idea for a show. (RELATED: LEBRON JAMES HAS EMBARKED ON A NEW FEUD, AND IT’S ELECTRIC)

The story, broken by TMZ Monday, claims that James was approached by media company Adventure Enterprises to start a show that would feature he and other high profile individuals having conversations in a barbershop. LeBron apparently liked the idea — but not the company — so he took the idea and made it his own. At least that’s what Adventure Enterprises is claiming.

The company also claims they’d been in talks with LeBron about this concept for over two years, and when they discovered he started his own conversational barbershop show called “The Shop,” they sent him a notification to stop filming. LeBron’s company reportedly apologized and promised to stop the show, but we all know that didn’t happen.

So Adventure Enterprises is moving forward with a injunction against LeBron and his partner, Maverick Carter, which insists the team stop producing the show. TMZ reports Adventure Enterprises is also seeking monetary compensation but the exact total is unknown.

Just last month, the University Of Alabama football team rolled out their own version of a barbershop conversation show called “Shop Talk.” LeBron sent the university and the masterminds behind the show a letter asking them to stop all production, claiming it was a blatant rip off of “The Shop.” Alabama head coach Nick Saban basically laughed the letter off and the university continued moving forward with production.

And now LeBron looks like a big dummy because he’s the one who allegedly stole the idea in the first place.

A source with close knowledge of the situation calls Adventure Enterprise’s accusations “totally frivolous and publicity seeking.”

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