Trump Boasts That Zero U.S. Missiles Were Shot Down By Syria

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

President Donald Trump bragged during a speech on Monday that Syria and Russia were unable to shoot down any U.S. missiles in last week’s strike.


The U.S. carried out military strikes in Syria on Friday night to diminish the Assad regime’s chemical weapon capabilities after they were said to have carried out another chemical attack against their own people. The Pentagon said that none of the U.S. missiles shot on Friday night were successfully engaged by Syrian air defenses.

Trump brought up the strike during a Monday speech in Florida about tax reform.

“We just had a big successful hit,” Trump said as the audience applauded. “[National Security Adviser] John [Bolton], that was pretty good, I didn’t expect that. I’m a little jealous. Are you giving him all the credit?”

Trump joked, “Well, that means the end of his job.”

“With way over 100 missiles shot in, they didn’t shoot one down,” Trump asserted. “The equipment didn’t work too well, their equipment.

“You heard, oh, they shot 40 down, then they shot 50 down, then I call and they say, ‘no sir, every single one hit its target,'” he boasted.

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