Comey: Loretta Lynch Put Me In A ‘Terrible Spot’


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former FBI director James Comey accused former attorney general Loretta Lynch of putting him and the FBI in a “terrible spot” during the Clinton email investigation.


Comey wrote about the Clinton email investigation in his new book “A Higher Loyalty,” but Lynch took issue with the fact that Comey never discussed his concerns about it with her at the time.

“Loretta is a person I respect and like very much. But that isn’t the problem I faced in that investigation,” Comey said. “The problem I faced in late June was that she announced she wouldn’t recuse herself without checking with the FBI to see whether we had a view on it but would accept my recommendation.”

“There should have been a discussion about whether she should be involved in the matter but what she did was say, ‘I’ll stay involved but I’ll accept his recommendation,’ which put me and the FBI in a terrible spot.”

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