You’ll Never Believe Who James Comey’s Role Model Is

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Jena Greene Reporter
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James Comey is having quite the week. He showed America his true colors on Sunday night in an exclusive interview with ABC’s George Stephanopolous. Some of his comments about Trump’s spray tan and eye bags even went viral. And his wife and daughters probably got a few extra likes on their Instagram after he proudly touted photos of them for the nation to see.

Not to mention, Comey happens to have a book coming out this week. What lucky timing.

Well, it turns out Comey is full of surprises. Because on Tuesday, the former FBI director appeared on “Good Morning America” to discuss his one true role model.

“LeBron James,” he told Stephanopolous. “A man I’ve never met. I resemble only in being the same height and everything else is – his shoulders are twice mine. But I admire LeBron James – and – he’s probably about to find out I used to talk about him all over the FBI and say, ‘he illustrates what the endless pursuit of excellence looks like.’ I don’t want to offend anybody but he’s the best basketball player on the earth today.”

Yikes. That’s a legitimate interview that just took place on live national television. The former director of the FBI thinks the same guy who called the President a “bum” and treats his superiors like this:

…is the best available human to model his behavior after.

But on second thought, LeBron and Comey kind of seem like soulmates. They’re both extremely self-important, hate Trump, and think everything they do is legitimately groundbreaking. (RELATED: LeBron James Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing Barbershop Show Concept)

LeBron and Comey should consider retiring and riding off into the sunset together. Just please for the sake of all that is holy, no more books. America can’t take it anymore.

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