Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Not Happy You Think Pro Athletes Cheat In Relationships

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is apparently pretty tired of people thinking pro athletes aren’t faithful in relationships.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks star wrote a lengthy piece for Cosmo titled, “Athletes Shouldn’t Have to Endure Your Cheating Stereotypes,” and it’s pretty interesting.

The NBA legend wrote in part:

The implication is that such sleazy behavior should be expected because, after all, he plays professional sports for a living. Grown men playing boys’ games can’t be trusted to act like responsible adults. Especially when they’re celebrities because of it.

Certainly, wealth, power, and fame give athletes, politicians, musicians, actors, and filmmakers more opportunities to be unfaithful to their spouses. But availability is no excuse for availing. Nor is it okay to use the bad behavior of some to characterize all.

This literally couldn’t be timed any better. Our office got into a massive debate over the Tristian Thompson cheating allegations on his pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian, and whether or not all athletes are inherent cheaters.

They’re not. It’s really that simple. I’ve grown up in the world of sports, some of my closest friends are athletes and the stereotypes against them are absurd. Yes, there are some athletes that cheat. This is also true, but it’s not that way for everybody.

Some athletes are happily married, some are forever single and some stray from the path. I’ve known athletes in all categories. Let me be the first to say that cheaters are the scum of the Earth, and should be dealt with accordingly. I’m not defending athletes who cheat.

Having said that, you’re a moron if you think everybody out here who can shoot a basketball, body check an NHL player or sling a football is out here cheating at every chance they get. This is false. There are athletes getting a disgusting amount of sex, but most of them stay singles. Look, here’s another fun fact some women won’t want to face or here. Some women who are having sex with athletes are doing it for the story. There’s nothing wrong with that, men do the same thing but let’s at least be honest. These guys aren’t looking for relationships, and neither are a lot of the women.

Let’s not group everybody together as cheaters, unless there is concrete proof.

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