Stormy Daniels Drops Bomb On ‘The View’ — Here’s The Sketch Of The Man She Claims Threatened Her

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Adult film star Stormy Daniels went public with a sketch of the man she claims threatened her in 2011, demanding that she not talk about her relationship with President Donald Trump. Daniels appeared Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” granting one of only a few exclusive interviews regarding her case against the president.

Daniels, with attorney Michael Avenatti by her side, sat at the table and fielded questions for nearly the full hour.

She began by explaining why she had chosen to appear at Michael Cohen’s Monday hearing, saying, “I’m tired of being threatened, I’m done. I’m done being bullied … I wanted to make sure that people knew that I was taking it serious.”


Meghan McCain asked the question that many on social media have asked, noting that her attack on the president has, at least at times, “seemed like a publicity stunt. It has been beneficial to your career.”

Daniels admitted that she was getting more work, but said that she was also spending more money. “This isn’t what I want to be known for. I’ve had to hire bodyguards, my daughter has to have a tutor. I am dancing more, I am making more money, but I’m spending more. The body guards, you don’t want to see their bill. I have to feed them three times a day, and they’re big.”

Daniels also claimed that her career trajectory, since becoming embroiled in legal battles with President Trump, has not been entirely upward. “I have a passion project that I have been working on for a few years, directing a horror movie, and my producers have all ghosted on me.”

Then Daniels revealed the sketch of the man she claims threatened her as she arrived at a “mommy and me” fitness class in 2011.

“I thought he was someone’s husband. he had his hands in his pocket. He said, ‘Beautiful little girl, it would be a shame if something happened to her mom. Forget this story, leave Mr. Trump alone.’ I went into the class and I couldn’t feel me feet or my face. I felt dizzy and went into the restroom and one of the instructors followed me to ask if I was ok, and I lied and said my baby had a blowout. I was really rattled.”

McCain pressed Daniels again, asking why she hadn’t gone directly to the police following that incident. Daniels admitted that some of her reluctance was simply fear, since the man had specifically told her not to do that. But she raised another dilemma as well. “If I had gone to the police about the threat, they would have asked why I was being told to leave Donald Trump alone. And I would have had to tell them, and police reports are public record.”
Daniels also revealed the much more personal reason she chose not to report the threat, saying, “At that point, I hadn’t yet told my husband [about Trump]. ‘I had this guy attack me, and by the way, he did this because of this … I didn’t want him to think I was a bad mom or that I put our daughter in danger.’”