CNN Mocks Stormy Daniels’ Sketch Of Man Who Supposedly Threatened Her

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN mocked the sketch that porn star Stormy Daniels released of the man who allegedly threatened her in 2011, comparing the image to Jon Bon Jovi and Tom Brady.


Twitter was set ablaze on Tuesday as users jokingly suggested who the man depicted in the sketch was, and CNN joined in on the hijinks during a panel on Wednesday.

“Not only am I going to say it looks like Jon Bon Jovi… and what’s his most famous song?” legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin joked with Dana Bash and anchor Brooke Baldwin.

“I’ve seen the Tom Brady comparisons,” Baldwin added.

“Wanted, dead or alive,” Toobin continued, singing the lyrics to the popular Bon Jovi song. “It all fits together!”

“As a Jersey girl, I hope Jon Bon Jovi calls you right now and says, ‘please stop comparing me to somebody who threatened…'” Bash interjected.

Toobin concluded the segment by arguing that the sketch is a “stunt” from Stormy lawyer Michael Avenatti to keep the story in the news.

Despite the segment, CNN has devoted hours of serious coverage to the Stormy Daniels saga.

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