Get Half Off A Sport Pant When You Buy This Incredible New Bra

Masha Berman | Contributor

Whether you’re training for a marathon, treat yoga like your religion, or just hit the gym a couple times a week, you should be wearing a good sports bra. What makes a good sports bra? Well, first it should provide the support you need without feeling restrictive. There needs to be some stretch to it as you move your body. The Victoria’s Secret new Incredible Lightweight Max Sports Bra does all that and more.

Photo via Victoria's Secret

Photo via Victoria’s Secret

This sports bra will make you forget you’re wearing it while you’re working out. The design of it is purposefully breathable, with sweat proof power mesh as part of the material, so you don’t feel any of that uncomfortable stickiness. You are also able to adjust the straps to your comfort level, which makes it easier to take on and off. The bras come in several different colors, from white to black to lavender. And of course, the best part is when you buy one of these amazing sports bras, you get a sport pant for 50% off.

We can all agree that there is something incredibly motivating about a cute workout outfit, especially a new one that you haven’t showed off yet. Many of the sport pants available match the bras, so with this deal you’ll be able to get a complete look without having to spend full price. The sport bras retail between $44. 50 to $49.50, and the pants between $59.50 to $89.50, plus the 50% off.

You can shop both sports bras and accompanying pants here.

Which combos are your favorite?

Photo via Victoria's Secret

Photo via Victoria’s Secret

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