Katy Tur Brings Up A Washington Post Report — Scaramucci Flips The Narrative On It’s Head

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Anthony Scaramucci and Katy Tur got into it Wednesday — with Scaramucci questioning who the leakers in the White House are.


“Sean Hannity, he’s wrapped up in this,” Tur stated. “Michael Cohen is representing him, he says very limitedly in real estate dealings.”

“The Washington Post is reporting that he’s like the de facto–the unofficial chief of staff, that he has basically a desk in the White House, he’s Donald Trump’s main line advisor. How much influence does he have?”

Scaramucci responded, “that’s one of the things I don’t like about Washington, so there’s somebody unnamed saying he basically has a desk in the White House…”

“Well, he goes on television and says he talks to the president,” Tur retorted. “He’s the one that goes on TV and says ‘I’ve talked to the president and here’s what I’ve told the president to do.'”

“…this guy Ron Kessler, I know this guy. He said I was the dumbest hire in White House history,” Scaramucci said.

“I’m not talking about Ron Kessler, I’m talking about Sean Hannity,” Tur shot back.

“No, no, but I want to make a point,” The Mooch conceded. “He said I was the dumbest hire in White House history–I love the fact that he put his name on it. Who said that to the Washington Post? Okay, and then you’ll figure out who the president’s enemies are.”

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