Megyn Kelly Goes After Alex Jones For Not Learning ‘His Lesson’ After Interview

Justin Caruso Contributor
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NBC host Megyn Kelly went after Alex Jones on MSNBC Wednesday, saying the conspiracy theorist hasn’t learned “his lesson” since their interview in 2017.


“The point of this lawsuit is to stop it–to stop it–once and for all,” Kelly said. “The point of our speaking to Alex Jones was to expose him for the, untethered conspiracy theorist that he is and he clearly hasn’t learned his lesson, because even in response to that, he continues with the nonsense and the lies to the detriment of the Newtown families.”

Kelly also said, “It’s about time someone tried to hold him accountable in the courts.”

Jones is being sued by parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones has made conspiracy claims about the shooting before, saying that it was fake. He later tried to walk back such claims, saying he was playing “devil’s advocate.”

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