Tucker Interviews Former British Ambassador To Syria — He Makes Some Huge Claims About Syria’s Chemical Weapons

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson interviewed on Tuesday Peter Ford, a former British ambassador to Syria, about the Syrian chemical weapons attack.


“It’s not certain by any means that it was a chemical attack,” Ford told The Daily Caller co-founder.

Ford now works for the British Syrian Society, a group that Tucker said is accused of being pro-Bashar al-Assad.

“There are reports from Western journalists who were in Douhma yesterday, reports that they could find no folks would confirm that there’d been a chemical attack,” Ford said. “They went actually to the hospital where it was–where those videos were filmed, they spoke to doctors, named doctors, so this can be checked, who said that there was no chemical attack.”

“What there was, was an ordinary bomb attack that had people streaming into the hospital with smoke inhalation problems and what happened then was that the White Helmets, that’s the jihadi medical auxiliaries, started shouting “gas,” caused panic, then everybody went into gas mode, they started with the hoses and the inhalers. Meanwhile, it was all being carefully video’ed and put out by–rich Arab country propagandists. And, there’s a distinct possibility that we have been deluded. That we’ve been suckered.”

“I think the president’s advisors have served him extremely badly. They have not been asking the hard questions, like who are these White Helmets? Was the president was told that these are the people who have helped in beheadings, who have literally been picking up the pieces. Are these are the people that he thinks would be good witnesses?”

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