Dana Loesch Blows Up ‘Fox & Friends’ — Calls Out ‘Lawless’ Sanctuary Cities

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Conservative radio host Dana Loesch attacked the “lawlessness” of sanctuary cities and  states during a Thursday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” saying that Californians were getting tired of feeling unsafe in their own homes.

“Los Alamitos was one of the first cities to push back against California’s sanctuary state, they said that these are laws that disregard the United States Constitution. There are a number of Californians that are tired of the lawlessness.”

Loesch pointed out that the lawlessness was being “paraded” in front of them by the very people they had elected to make sure that laws were fair and evenly applied, and that it was leading to unsafe situations.

“They’re tired of being worried in their own communities,” she said, citing a report from the Department of Homeland Security indicating that sanctuary city policies were responsible for nearly 150 gang members associated with MS-13 and other criminal gangs being returned to the communities — and two thirds of them were set free in California.

Loesch also tackled other topics of the day, addressing the news that Planned Parenthood was reportedly planning to spend $30 million on the upcoming midterm elections. Noting that Planned Parenthood collects $500 million annually in taxpayer money, Loesch claimed that for them to turn around and spend $30 million to elect Democrats was like robbing the American people and forcing them to fund Democrat campaigns.

She finished the segment by addressing the appearances and interviews made by former FBI Director James Comey in pursuit of his book tour, and she held nothing back.

“You can’t pretend to lecture Americans from this ivory pedestal about values and virtue while simultaneously making snarky remarks about the size of the president’s hands and the circles under his eyes. Comey stepped all over the message of his own book. He wrote it like he’s Regina George writing the “Burn Book,” that’s what James Comey sounds like. I have never seen a cattier man than James Comey.”