The GOP Letter About The Hillary Probe Is A Publicity Stunt That Could Easily Backfire

Derek Hunter | Contributor

On today’s show we discuss the excitement many people have over a letter written by 11 Republicans Members of the House of Representatives asking the Department of Justice to investigate everyone involved in the email probe of Hillary Clinton. It may seem like a good idea, and it may get people excited, but it gives all of them ammunition to claim political bias should anything come of the current investigation already being conducted by U.S. Attorney for the District of Utah John Huber at the direction of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It was done for political reasons by backbench GOP members, and it may just backfire.


Boss Hogg is back! David Hogg is calling for another boycott, this time of two gigantic investment firms because they invest in firearms manufacturers. Those firms control trillions in assets, and a boycott by Hogg and his followers won’t register as a ripple on their radar.


Hogg is also publishing a book with his sister. Random House is set to release “#NeverAgain” on June 5, which is incredibly fast in the publishing world. That short timeline, coupled with the Hoggs going to school, traveling the country to appear in the media, and just the general life of teenagers, makes it highly unlikely either Hogg actually wrote the book. It was likely ghostwritten by one of the many liberal activist groups using Hogg in their crusade against the Second Amendment.


The Department of Homeland Security announced that sanctuary cities and states freed dozens of MS-13 gang members, rather than turning them over to immigration officials for deportation. The priorities of Democrats put violent gang members ahead of Americans.


And finally, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has purchased a minority share of a thoroughbred race horse named Gronk, seemingly because the owners named the horse after him. Gronk, the horse, will be running in the Kentucky Derby. Should anything happen to the horse, Gronkowski has offered to step in and be put out to stud in its place.

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