These Super Breathable Bath Towels Dry You Quickly

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Shouldn’t drying off be just as enjoyable as the shower itself? Whether you shower before heading to work or once you’re home from the office, it’s smart to invest in a better bath towel that dries you quickly and doesn’t stay soaked afterward. You can do just that with a set of two Montage Fast-Drying Bath Towels — all for less than $62.

Normally $90, this set of two fast-drying bath towels is 31 percent off

Normally $90, this set of two fast-drying bath towels is 31 percent off

Montage Fast-Drying Bath Towels: Set of Two on sale for $61.99

Montage towels are specially designed to dry you quickly. Made from 100% Long Staple Cotton, they’re super soft and breathable, meaning you’ll dry off faster than ever. So, you’ll save time when hopping out of the shower — which is great for those heading to work — and won’t stay wet or cold when using them. Plus, you’ll never get bogged down by any extra weight when drying off because these towels are lightweight, coming in at just .62 pounds.

Even better, these towels — which come in grey or white — reduce harmful bacteria that might affect your health. Unlike a typical bath towel that stays wet for an extended period after a single use, the Montage towels dry quicker and prevent mold and bacteria from taking hold in the first place. This means you’ll treat your body well and give your skin the proper care it deserves.

Dry quicker and treat your skin right with a two set of Montage Fast-Drying Bath Towels for $61.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 31% off the original price of $90.

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