Former Obama Official: Comey’s Fall From Grace Is ‘Stellar’

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

Former Obama campaign official Robin Biro chided former FBI director James Comey on Friday for his “fall from grace” surrounding his book tour and memo release.


Biro noted that Comey was well-respected before the 2016 election and now he has managed to alienate both Democrats and Republicans with his actions in the Hillary Clinton and Russia investigations.

“It is really hard to wrap my brain around this. Just honestly, Comey’s fall from grace has been stellar because this is somebody who was widely regarded on both sides of the aisle, until the 2016 elections, and now, as a veteran army ranger who served with the ranger regiment, I was awarded a top secret security clearance,” Biro explained. “He seems to me too smart of a man to make a mistake like this.”

“Then again, so did Hillary Clinton,” he conceded.

Biro added that he wonders if Comey is damaging his own reputation in order to sell books or if it’s a “part of this crazy deep state conspiracy theory stuff.”

“It’s just a lot to try to wrap my brain around,” he admitted.

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