Jeb Reveals What His Mom Told Him Just Before She Passed Away — It Could Not Be More Perfect

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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The entire country is mourning the loss of Barbara Bush this week.

The beloved first lady died at the age of 92.  Her funeral was this weekend in Houston, Texas. Some of the most powerful families in the country showed up to honor her legacy.  Melania Trump, Michelle and Barack Obama, and Bill and Hillary Clinton sat in the front row of the church next to members of the Bush family. They listened to heartfelt retellings of Barbara Bush’s amazing life.

One of the most powerful speeches was from Jeb Bush, who told a heartwarming story of the last time he spoke with his mother.  

Brett Coomer – Pool/Getty Images

Jeb said:

The last time my mom went into the hospital, I think dad got sick on purpose so he could be with her. That is my theory. Literally, a day later, he showed up with an illness. He came into her room and when she was sleeping, held her hand. His hair was standing straight up. He had on a mask to improve his breathing. He was wearing a hospital gown. In other words, he looked like hell.

Mom opened her eyes and said, “My, God, George. You are devastatingly handsome.”

Then Jeb recalled one of the last things his mother told him. It was about death and how she did not fear it.

The last time I was with her I asked her about dying, was she ready to go? Was she sad, without missing a beat “I believe in Jesus and he is my savior. I do not want to leave your dad but I know I will be in a beautiful place.”

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A love story for the ages.