Kanye West Tweets Support For Conservative Woman, Blasts ‘Self Victimization’

(Photo credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Rap superstar Kanye West has been sending some interesting tweets lately, earning him new fans and garnering pushback from others in the music industry.

Kanye on Saturday tweeted support for Candance Owens, a black conservative woman. He said:

Owens responded, saying:

West’s support for Owens led to some pushback from others. Shaun King, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, criticized his tweet, leading to a Twitter response from Owens where she implied that King may not actually be African-American.

On Sunday, the rapper was back to tweeting about the need for “freedom of thought,” blasting “self victimization.”

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has upset the music industry by flirting with conservative politics. After Trump’s election in 2016, the two men met, and when asked what they discussed, Trump responded by saying “life.”

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