California Students Freak Out Over Trump Sending Troops To Border — Obama Did The Same Thing

CampusReform Youtube screenshot

Justin Caruso Contributor
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A recent video shows that many college students will bash President Trump over his decision to send troops to the southern border — but they don’t even know that former president Obama did the same.


The video from Campus Reform shows students slamming the decision to send troops to the border.

“I feel like it’s not justified, mostly cause, like, it is like, a totally uncalled for act of power,” one man said.

One woman said that she “definitely disapprove(s)” of the decision, saying it would put “a bad light” on the United States.

“Not productive, I’m not a huge fan of the military to begin with, we’re spending way too much money on that, I think it would be a complete waste of money,” another woman said.

When Cabot Philips, the Campus Reform correspondent, revealed that former President Obama did the same thing, most students did not know that fact.

“I don’t know anything about that, personally, so, the difference is definitely with publicity, and like, false information.”

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