DC Today: Waffle House Shooter Shouldn’t Have Had Gun

The Daily Caller

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The April 23, 2018 episode of The Daily Caller Today is breaking down the facts behind the Waffle House shooting and the DNC’s “frivolous” lawsuit against Russia and the Trump campaign.


Co-hosts Vince Coglianese and Stephanie Hamill kicked off the episode by discussing the history of the Waffle House shooter.

“I think what’s really important in this story is law enforcement knew about this guy,” Coglianese explained. “Law enforcement was engaged with this guy for awhile…go back to, I think it was July of last year, the gunman tried to breach the White House’s security perimeter because he said he was a sovereign citizen.”

Coglianese added that the Waffle House shooter had a series of mental health issues and even believed that pop star Taylor Swift was stalking him and hacking him.

“It is really alarming that everyone knew about him,” Hamill asserted. “There seems to be a common thread with these shootings…there have been warning signs, red flags that seem to be ignored.”

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