Feminist Website Publishes Attack On Kanye’s ‘Trash Politics’

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Jena Greene Reporter
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In a recent thought piece for the left-leaning website Jezebel, noted feminist and “Accidental Virgin” chronicler Ashley Reese attacked Kanye West for his recent musings on Twitter.

In her piece, titled, “There Are No Excuses for Kanye West’s Trash Politics,” Reese rips into Kanye for tweeting out multiple videos of right-leaning pundit and “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams. She also shows no tolerance for Kanye’s recently tweeted support for Turning Point USA Communications Director Candace Owens.

Reese writes, in part:

Today alone, West tweeted multiple videos of his own computer screen as he watched Scott Adams—Dilbert creator, Trump stan, men’s rights activist, and prick—marvel at the ways in which West is helping people break out of their mental prisons. To top it all off, Ivanka Trump is following West on Twitter (it’s unclear when that started), and Donald Trump Jr. has been liking West’s recent tweets. Cool.

It’s not that I’m expecting a writer for Jezebel to hold back. I don’t even expect them to exhibit an ounce of civility, really. Calling right-leaning thinkers pricks and calling all forms of non-liberal politics “trash” is all a part of the unhinged schtick.

But this is also where it starts to get interesting. Kanye West has long been revered as an icon of the entertainment elite. But his newfound nonconformism has thrown a wrench into the woke mainstream contingent. No longer can they count on one of the most famous rappers to back their various causes. Jay-Z may still advocate for Obama-era policies but Kanye seems to see things differently.

And I can’t help but think that people like Reese are panicking. At least a little. Just read:

Longtime fans may view West’s new alliances with abject horror, but at least West can turn to his new fans for support: Red pill-ers, MRA weirdos, Turning Point USA nerds, and the Trump clan.

Nice. Everybody knows if you can’t beat them, insult them. Call them nerds, insinuate their affiliation with racists, and you won’t have to have a logical conversation with them ever again. It’s an airtight approach.

Twitter melted down last night when Shania Twain — a white Canadian country singer — said she would have voted for Donald Trump in 2016. They panicked and they downright bullied her. But now Kanye? Well Jezebel and its like-minded counterparts better buckle up. Because this doesn’t seem like it’s going away.

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